How the lessons work

You learn Kitchen Karate by doing it. And eating the results.

There are three parts to each lesson: shop, cook, eat.

Step-by-step guidance

All lessons come with cook-along videos, suggested shopping lists, and printable guides.

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6 levels of challenge

There are 6 lessons taking you from super beginner to super pro. Plus there are 4 bonus lessons for extra practice and variety. All lessons are yours to keep. Repeat them as often as you like. Go in order or jump around. You'll be a Kitchen Karate Black Belt in no time!


Try before you buy

The best way to know if this course is right for you is to try a free sample. Our free White Belt lesson lets you experience how the course works while teaching you the basics of Kitchen Karate. You need zero cooking skills to complete it. The lesson takes less than 30 minutes and ends with you eating. What's not to love!?

Extras Galore!

In addition to the 10 cook-along lessons you get a book's worth of written lessons, plus printable guides and videos for all the key concepts, including:

  • Kitchen equipment checklist
  • Planning a week of meals in under five minutes
  • Shopping without a list
  • Portioning without measuring cups
  • Seasoning without recipes
  • Cooking without a timer
  • Organizing your kitchen
  • Packing, storing, and serving your make-ahead meals
  • Getting your family on board with healthy eating
  • And much more

 Community support

Join a growing Facebook group of Kitchen Karate practitioners. Find friends and mentors at every belt level. Get fresh ideas about seasoning and ingredients, equipment and kitchen organization, feeding the family, losing weight and more. 

One-on-one coaching available

Sometimes you just need someone to show you exactly what to do. As a member you will have the option to request additional one-on-one coaching via Skype or Facetime.

It's your move...